Reused Christmas Card Gift Tags!

Every year around this time, I go through my Christmas cards and make gift tags to use for next year’s presents.  It is so fast and easy!  I literally just sit down with a pair of normal and fancy edged scissors and cut away while watching my current obsession on Netflix!  It is fun to see the Christmas cards again next year…not to mention it is green, super cute and will save you some money!  It is also amazing how you can always find a tag that matches your wrapping paper perfectly.  Next year, just add a hole punch to your Christmas decorating accessories.  Punch a hole into your super cute tag, write a note on the back side with a fun colored marker, and tie it to the package with some pretty ribbon or twine from the dollar store!  No bows needed.  Beautiful!  Now people can’t complain that cards are a waste of money and just get thrown away!  =)


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